Our Story

The Fairfield church was established in Fairfield mainly due to the influence of Pervis and Marie Leewright. The first assembly of about 20 people met on January 2, 1949 in the Community Building of the Waterman Park Complex. The church continued to meet there until 1955.

In 1955 the Fairfield Church of Christ opened the doors of its own building at 1127 Clay Street. The building seated 200 and had 8 classrooms.

With slow but steady growth, in 1957 the congregation had approximately 75 members. At this time they started making plans for the church's first missionary effort. Harold Helf and his family were sent to Pistoria, Italy. In 1962 the Truman Scott family exchanged places with the Helfs.

By 1964 the congregation had outgrown the Clay Street building and purchased a little over three acres on Fairfield Avenue. On January 2, 1966, the church met at its new facility which would seat 400 people and had 15 classrooms.In 1967 the first elders of the congregation were installed: H.B. Darnell and Bobby Sparks. Adrian Dukes and Otis Harper were appointed deacons the following year.

Truman Scott, who had been on missionary assignment to Italy, returned in 1972 and resumed working with the Fairfield church, becoming an elder in 1974 along with T.R. Atkinson, Bob Bounds and John Gibson. Other men who have served as elders include: Al Coburn, Ray Johnson, Wade Vanderdasson, Tom Hardy, Sam Smith, Tracy Nelson, Lanny Partain, John Reed, and Stan Sanderson.

The church founded Solano Christian Academy in 1977 and it now serves students from Preschool through 12th grade. In addition to Solano Christian Academy the Fairfield body is involved and supports various other ministries such as World Bible School, Community Outreach which includes: meals, clothing, personal items, and a food pantry,  Mission Solano lunch program, Annual Health Fare, Individual and family coaching and counseling, and Children's  Worship to name a few.