Serve in a Ministry


At the Fairfield Church of Christ, we desire for every member to be involved in ministry, whether it’s within the church or the greater community! To help you find a place to serve we provide a list of current volunteer opportunities in this church and a list of the
non-profits we support. This is in no way an exhaustive list of our ministries. It just represents some areas where you can get involved.
To do so, contact a minister/servant leader or call the church office at 707-425-2373.


Sunday Mornings

  • ‎Ushering (helping guests with seats/directions)
  • ‎Counting attendance
  • Parking attendant
  • ‎Communion preparation
  • ‎Greeting guests
  • Teaching class

Worship Ministries

  • Audio/Visuals preparation
  • ‎Leading communion thoughts
  • Singing on praise team
  • Operating worship projection software
  • ‎Leading prayer
  • Reading Scripture

Facilities and Administrative Ministries

  • Special maintenance
  • ‎Cleaning
  • ‎Organizing events food/decorations
  • ‎Basic landscaping
  • ‎Office skills‎
  • Coordinating Community groups ministry (requires training)
  • Leading a community group
  • Helping with group events (training, Grouplink)
  • ‎Teaching a growth group (short-term classes/groups)‎

Family needs ministry

  • Assembling swag bags
  • ‎Visiting Hospitals/nursing homes
  • ‎Preparing meals for funerals, sick, etc.
  • ‎Being an active prayer warrior
  • ‎Laundering (kitchen and baptismal towels)
  • ‎Visiting/delivering swag bags
  • ‎Providing transportation to worship services or doctor visits
  • ‎Writing notes of encouragement
  • Hosting baby/wedding showers

Community Outreach Ministries